RASFF Alerts – Salmonella – Chicken Breast – Whitish Sesame Seeds – Moringa Leaf Powder – Betel Leaves – Turkey Breast

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RASFF – Salmonella (in 2 out of 5 samples /25g) in frozen salted chicken breast fillets from Thailand in the UK

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Heidelberg (presence /25g) and Salmonella enterica ser. Stormont (presence /25g) in whitish sesame seeds from Sudan in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella (subsp. enterica; antigenic formula 6,7:l,v:- /25g) and Salmonella enterica ser. Bolton (presence /25g) in whitish sesame seeds from Sudan in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in sesame seeds from Ethiopia in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in frozen chicken breast with spices from Poland in France

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in wild moringa leaf powder from India in Germany

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in betel leaves from India in the UK

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Dahra (presence /25g), Salmonella enterica ser. Hemingford (presence /25g) and Salmonella enterica ser. Logone (presence /25g) in whitish sesame seeds from Burkina Faso, via Ghana  in Greece

RASFF-Salmonella enterica ser. Typhimurium monophasic (1 ,4, [5], 12:i:-) (presence /25g) in chilled turkey breast fillets from Italy in Belgium

RASFF Alerts – Aflatoxin – Pistachios – Peanuts – Groundnuts – Spice Mix – Crushed Red Chilli

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RASFF – aflatoxins (B1 = 8.9; Tot. = 9.4 µg/kg – ppb) in pistachios in shell from Iran in Germany

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 210.5; Tot. = 235.9 µg/kg – ppb) in pistachios from Iran in Germany

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 4.03 / B1 = 4.04 µg/kg – ppb) in peanuts in shell from China in Poland

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 14.1; Tot. = 15.7 µg/kg – ppb) in groundnuts from Egypt in Italy

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 9.3 µg/kg – ppb) in spice mix from Pakistan in Ireland

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 11; Tot. = 13 µg/kg – ppb) in crushed red chili from India in Denmark

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 2.4; Tot. = 2.8 / B1 = 2.5; Tot. = 3.1 µg/kg – ppb) in shelled groundnuts from Brazil in the UK

RASFF-aflatoxins in groundnuts from Argentina in the UK

RASFF-aflatoxins (B1 = 57.8; Tot. = 62.8 µg/kg – ppb) in pistachio nuts with shell from Iran  in Germany

RASFF Alert – Ochratoxin A – Isot Pepper

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RASFF – ochratoxin A (59 µg/kg – ppb) in isot pepper from Turkey in the Netherlands


RASFF Alert – Mycotoxin – Fumonsins – Organic Maize Bran

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RASFF – fumonisins in organic maize bran (21482 µg/kg – ppb) and crushed maize (2146 µg/kg – ppb) from Italy in the Czech Republic

RASFF Alert – Ciguatera – Red Snapper Fillets

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RASFF – ciguatera poisoning suspected to be caused by frozen red snapper fillets (Lutjanus malabaricus) from Vietnam, via Denmark in Germany

RASFF Alert – Histamine – Tuna Loins – Sardines

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RASFF – histamine (276 mg/kg – ppm) in frozen tuna loins (Thunnus albacares) from Spain in Denmark

RASFF-histamine (772; 2675 mg/kg – ppm) in frozen sardines (Sardina pilchardus) from the United Kingdom in France

RASSF Alerts – Animal Feed – Salmonella – Organic Sunflower Expeller – Dog Chews

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RASFF – Salmonella in organic sunflower expeller from China, via the Netherlands in Germany

RASFF-Salmonella (presence /25g) in dog chew from Germany in Germany